PhD thesis deposit

The Università della Svizzera italiana promotes the dissemination of publications and doctoral theses in electronc format, in order to enhance their production and foster the public's awareness.

In accordance with the regulations of the individual faculties, PhD graduates are required to deposit an electronic copy of their dissertation at the USI Libraries, as follows:

  • The final copy in PDF format must be sent, accompanied by a text file (TXT or RTF) containing the abstracts in the various languages (up to a maximum of three) and the keywords that describe the content of the thesis.
  • The final copy is the one that has already been approved by the final dissertation jury and to which any changes requested by the jury have been made.
  • For theses taken at the Academy of Architecture, the final copy must be sent to dottorato.arc@usi.ch with a copy to the Academy Library (silvio.bindella@usi.ch) accompanied by the completed Contract of deposit, archiving, electronic dissemination of doctoral theses
  • The Library staff will return the countersigned contract to the PhD graduate. A copy of the contract signed by both parties will also be filed with the Study Coordination.